DGG - Djinn Guild

📖 3. Guild Philosophy

For the upcoming GameFi and MetaFi markets, Djinn Guild believes that projects hold an important role in shaping innovative virtual economic models on the cyberspace of Blockchain and Web 3.0.
However, the authority of the project's development team seems to be inhibiting players from increasing income in the field of Cryptocurrency. Therefore, Djinn Guild is aware of Players’ vital roles such as Employees, whereas GameFi Projects are the companies that provide Game jobs.
In short, Players should have the right to express their opinions and decide on the benefits they receive upon participating in these projects. Here, GuildFi will act as an intermediary layer to bring the common voice of Games to GameFi projects. Djinn Guild with its stated mission will develop a DAO platform based on Web 3.0 technology that integrates deeply with many GameFi projects; and will allow users to confidently make investment and monetization decisions for GameFi projects belonging to Djinn Guild.