DGG - Djinn Guild

4.2.1 Djinn Games

Djinn Game is the hub of Game Guild activity, allowing players to join GameFi integrated with the Djinn Guild platform. Djinn Games will synthesize EVM-based games that have been evaluated and selected by the Admin team. Therefore, ensuring Djinn members have access to projects with good quality in terms of gameplay and sustainability in the business model. In Djinn Game, Djinn Members will have access to Scholarships from Djinn Managers to use available NFTs and participate in the game, which optimizes available human resources and abundant NFT resources. Djinn Game forms a Sharing economy between People who have time to participate in the game but do not have NFT available and Managers who have NFT resources available but limited time.
Djinn Game allows Users/Players to join the game through 2 mechanisms:
🌟 Scholarship: Users will work through Djinn Manager to utilize NFT to earn money in Game projects
🌟 Subscription: Users will use NFTs provided through Djinn's own NFT Pool