DGG - Djinn Guild

4.2.2 Djinn NFT

NFTs act as assets on the Blockchain cyberspace. It opens up great potential in storing digital assets on GameFi projects including Characters, Items (weapons, armor, skills or support tools), Skins, etc. However, many GameFi projects took place where the cost of owning NFT was too high, making users afraid to invest and participate in the game. Thereby causing the number of players to decrease over time and the price of assets to increase. Understanding that, Djinn Guild established the NFT Fund with the role of holding a large supply of NFTs on fully evaluated GameFi platforms. These NFTs are then circulated among GameFI members to allow them to participate in gaming and increase their income.
NFT Fund will be contributed through 2 mechanisms:
🌟 NFT Allocation: Djinn Guild will work directly with GameFi partners to buy NFTs at good prices to serve in our community. NFT Allocation will allow Djinn Guild to solve the problem of NFT scarcity demand. However, receiving NFT Allocation has not allowed Djinn Guild to access NFTs with high rarity or high value to satisfy demanding Gamers;
🌟 NFT Scholarship: In order to expand NFT circulation, Djinn Guild will invite Managers with high rarity or high rank properties to submit their Scholarship to the Djinn Scholarship system in their spare time. Users will use the NFT Scholarship to increase the supply of NFTs, thereby earning additional income during the time of not using the NFT. NFT Scholarship helps Djinn Guild to increase Djinn Managers, thereby promoting more rare NFTs and diversifying assets on Djinn World itself.
With the above two mechanisms, Djinn Guild Games offers a wide range of NFTs for members to choose from to participate in the Djinn Game.