DGG - Djinn Guild

4.2.4 Djinn DAO

With a view to becoming a community service platform, Djinn Guild will integrate the Decentralized Autonomous Organization mechanism to increase members' interests and benefits in deciding on the operation method. DAO has now become a development philosophy with community needs as the driving force for growth The Djinn DAO will be developed in parallel to be integrated directly into Djinn World. Djinn DAO will be applied in the following areas:
🔸 Voting Right: Holders of DGG Tokens will have the right to cast votes to change policies related to the distribution of P2E Reward or Cash Reserve;
🔸 NFT Fund: The amount of Cash Reserve when included in the NFT Fund will be decided to invest in whichever NFTs that are suitable for the majority needs of the Members; Early Adoption: Participate in early investment in potential GameFi projects to achieve the highest profit performance;
🔸 Special Event: Members can decide to organize events within Djinn Guild with benefits in respect of rewards, support, and necessary skills training.
🔸 Airdrop & Burn: The community can also decide on social activities to help Entry Players with Airdrop rewards for basic tasks. In addition, the Buy-Backing & Burning of DGG Tokens are also essential to minimize the problem related to the Inflation Rate.