DGG - Djinn Guild

🗺 7. Roadmap

Miles Stone 1

Research the GameFi Industry community
Develop the community concept of DGG
Establish the Guild Master to grow the GameFi Community

Miles Stone 2

Deploy DGG Website
Update Whitepaper
Establish the Djinn Storage on On-chain and Off-chain network

Miles Stone 3

Release the Djinn Hub with ID and Level System
Integrate DGG with FOTA Metaverse
Expand the integration with GameFi Partners

Miles Stone 4

Release DGG Token
Establish the NFT Pool with Djinn NFT
Release DGG Games with more P2E Games

Miles Stone 5

Open the DGG Social
Release Djinn Clan & Hall

Miles Stone 6

Release Djinn DAO
Open Game List Voting based on Djinn DAO
Release Djinn Arena

Miles Stone 7

Deploy the Djinn Launchpad with the Djinn DAO support
Extend the Voting right of Djinn DAO

Miles Stone 8

Organize e-Sport Tournament on Djinn Arena
Release the Streaming features on Djinn Social
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